chron-o-graph [kron-uh-graf, -grahf] -noun

  1. a timepiece fitted with a recording device,
    as a stylus and rotating drum, used to mark
    the exact instance of an occurrence.

  2. a timepiece capable of measuring extremely brief
    intervals of time accurately.


I wanted to buy a watch,
a technically stylish chronograph.
Then it occurred to me that
a watch could only display two meaningful times;
the hour of the day when I was with you,
or the hour of the day when not.

When I am with you time is irrelevant,
for you are everything.
When I am not with you, time only measures
the duration until we are once again together.

It will not be the hours that we share,
but the memories of what we
have shared in those hours
that gives time its significance.

I no longer desire that watch,
I simply cherish time with you.


Rick Dixon signature 2010

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