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Why I search for Rick Dixon on Google:

This webpage comes from me working on my website's SERP. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page, one's Google ranking. I type Rick Dixon into Googleand look to see the earliest my website shows up on the results page. I dance pretty high up on the list, toggling with Rick Dixon Auctions and a Rick Dixon Real Estate guy also living in Maryland. Your Google results might be different due to Google searching for results in your proximity. If you live in TN for example, and Google me, a Rick Dixon from TN ranks high up on the list.

In some ways none of this matters. In the web development world Search Engine Optimization is a fun game, or better said, a serious business challenge. That is why I Google myself. I do so to learn more about how to have my little, personal website crawl its way to the top of the Google rankings.

Googling Oneself Using "Quotations" Around Your Name

Have you ever Googled yourself? It's interesting. You may believe you are a nobody but you just might be amazed how many of you are not only out there in the world but have some type of web presence. I am no exception to such a search. Here is a snapshot of what I found from my Google search of Rick Dixon. Oh and before we go there I just want to share that if you place quotation marks around your name as in "rick dixon" Google will search for the string of rick dixon, not rick and dixon. Otherwise you quickly find results that have a rick in them and also a dixon in them, but not necessarily rick dixon. Onward:

You never know what you might find. This Rick Dixon Find on Amazon It is Only Puppy Love if You're Not the Pup by Rick Dixon

A Different Dixon: Same Name

Earlier Rick Dixon Results - many of us have gone to our heavenly reward. For those Ricks, I do hope you enjoyed a adventurous and prosperous life and are helping to make heaven a better place for us that are to follow your lead.

Rick Dixon, on Facebook - Upon a quick count, there re 77 Rick Dixon that have a presence on Facebook. We are everywhere!

Rick Dixon, on LinkedIn - If the 77 Rick Dixons on Facebook didn't seem like a lot, according my search on LinkedIn for Rick Dixon, there are over 800 LinkedIn Rick Dixon profiles!

Rick Dixon Auctioneering - There is my top of the SERP competitor, the Rick Dixon of Rick Dixon Auctioneering. I don't personally know Rick, but I keep thinking of having an auction.

Doctor Rick Dixon - there are a handful of Ricks that have become doctors. I haven't even played one on TV. To those Ricks, I say thank you for keeping our name up there on the professional world.

Rick Dixon, the Composer - Rick Dixon a Filipino American professionally know as R1ckOne(TM), is the owner of 3013 Music Group; he is a world class disc jockey, composer, music producer and voting member of the Recording Academy... Click on the link to see the IMDb webpage for Rick.

I do love music and composed a piece on Garage Band 10 years back. Not nearly as impressive as Rick Dixon, the Composer.

Rick Dixon, from Goodreads - Rick Dixon is an author listed on Goodreads. He has three books listed on Goodreads including: Zombie Apocalypse: Over 726 Tips to Survive and Thrive. The other two books listed are less appealing and as such I chose not to add them to this webpage.

Rick Dixon, Insurance Services - I am sure that there is more than one insurance agent named Rick Dixon. This particular Dixon seems to lead the insurance service so I will give him top billing. As I add this Rick Dixon to the list I am wondering if it is possible to only do business with others named Rick Dixon? I best forgo that thought ...

Rick Dixon, Family Support Educator - Rick and Christine Dixon, Family Support Educators at Renaissance Ranch Treatment Centers, understand firsthand the painful and complex challenges that come to marriages and families who are battling the disease of addiction. I tip my hat to your services in hopes that you help many through such challenge. Great job, Rick!

Professor Rick Dixon, University of York - Google shared yet another Rick Dixon that has found himself teaching at the university level, this time in the UK. May you be your student's favorite professor.

Rick Dixon, Construction - This particular Rick Dixon owns a construction firm in Iowa. From the photos displayed on their website they are building some very beautiful homes.

Rick Dixon, Musician - I just knew one of us Rick Dixons had to be a singer. And I knew it wasn't me! Just as interesting, or odd, is the song reminds me of Puppy Love by Donny Osmand. A song that was very popular back in 1972 when I was 10 years old. Who would have guessed? I also saw on Google that Paul Anka and Dolly Parton each sang their rendition of this all time great.


This is my list so far. I'll search for more Rick Dixon results on Google in the near future. And if by chance your name happens to be Rick Dixon, by all means please send me an email to say, "Hello."

From all of us, to all of you, make it a great day!

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