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Chapbook: Poems by Rick Dixon

Two Friends at Lunch

It's just two friends at lunch you see
with lives from pasts lived separately.
Close friends once, but never lovers,
Though silently desired one, the other.

Adventures to tell, the smile on her face.
My feelings kept quiet, to remain in their place.
Though I shall wonder as I look in her eyes
if I should tell of my feelings inside.

Maybe she'll see them without any words.
Maybe she won't. My thoughts so absurd!
Alone it's been me that's carried this weight,
thirteen long years to sit face-to-face.

Across a small table, our hearts within reach.
A chance to tell her, but they're words I can't speak.
Alas, many a tale having come to its end,
they minutes flew by, the time has been spent.

A chance has been given, life's answered my prayers.
But nothing has changed - it seems so unfair!
I'll always wonder, one last look in her eyes.
Should I have told of those feelings I hide.

But it's just two friends at lunch you see.
Things left unsaid - for eternity.


Rick Dixon signature 1995


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