When Two Souls Aligned

How could they have known
that a spark was set aglow
from a kiss so long ago
when two separate souls aligned
together once upon a time?

God answered the silent prayer given.
An Angel was sent, though Satan meandered,
as he often does in the cold hearts
of those standing blind with evil minds
when aligned wanting souls to be their time.

A day, a year, a decade, more
apart they lived their fate that way.
Time tried, it did, but failed it had
to take away that which they had,
a love from when their souls aligned
even if it not their time.

Memory endured of her pure essence
Never to be forgotten, ever to remain
like pain when heart's true love goes absent
as it had from the days when two souls aligned
for such a short time.

How could they have known, dear God!
that a spark was still aglow, dear God!
when two souls aligned, yes again!
after so much time, for a second time.

Would this truly be their time?


Yet as if it were Satan's wish
to not allow God's granted gift
despite the years and tears behind
those two souls that realigned ...
proved once again, its not our time.

Rick Dixon signature 2014

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