Yes, I Still Do

I loved you I did and yes I still do.
Wish that things were different with you.
But you are the one that has made,
this choice for us both.

You don't have to explain your reasoning.
But it leaves me always wondering,
what I did wrong,
and why there's no hope.

Returned to the man that beat you down before.
Thought many times of settling that score.
But why hurt the man that you choose,
to give your love to?

I did my best to be kind to you.
Always respected and trusted you.
So I don't understand what I have done,
to be treated this way.

Just a call once in a while,
if made by you, is all it would take
to help me get through. Yes, a chance it would be,
to lessen this pain.

The call doesn't come.
I never hear from you.
Friends say it's better if I forget of you.
But they really don't know,
the way that I feel.

Maybe I'll call you, in spite of what they say.
Forget you no - I don't think that way.
Close to my heart you have been,
and there you'll remain.

There is only one thing, I would say to you.
I loved you I did, and yes I still do.
If ever could I just have that one chance,
to tell you goodbye.

Rick Dixon signature 1996

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