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Hybrid Cineraria at Longwood Gardens, PA
Big Poe Creek: Poe Valley State Park, PA
Sunrise on Jekyll Island, GA
Big Poe Creek: Poe Valley State Park, PA
Stone Creek: Alan Seeger Natural Area, PA
Yellow Clivia at Longwood Gardens, PA
Big Leaf Hydrangea at Longwood Gardens, PA
Whipple Dam State Park, PA





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These days I reside
in Arnold, MD a
few mies slighty
north of Annapolis on the Broadneck peninsula situated between the Severn and Magothy rivers.


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The clock is correct,
but it's much later
than you think.


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Entrace to Toadstool TrailGrand Staircase
Escalante National Monument, Utah

Eye Phone
Eye Phone
New York City, NY

Bonical Expressions
Botanical Expression
Washington, DC

BrushstrokesBotanical Brush strokes
Washington, DC

Paul Pappas
Washington, DC

Wasington, DC

Neptune's Nymph
Neptune's Nymph
Library of Congress

Evening Tide
Evening Tide
Ocean City, MD

Wilson Lake: SunsetSunset at Wilson Lake
Prescott, AZ

Botanical Array
Prayer Plant
Washington, DC


...COVID19 Update:

...Finally after a few months of little online accomplishment
...I have returned to some creative endeavors. I will start posting ... ...them going forward. ...Continue to stay safe!

Welcome to my website and blog!

Hello and welcome to my digital home on the Internet. I am a technical project manager by day, but at night and on the weekends I allow the more personal side of me to come out and play. Two of my favorite activities are writing and outdoor photography. This website contains content relating to these interests.

Nonfiction Writing - I am attempting to become a published writer. I am currently working on a writing project in anticipation of one day soon seeing it published. Hopefully by the end of this year the majority of writing efforts will be accomplished. It has been a long-term process, spanning the last twelve years. Throughout those years there have been surges of effort with good ideas with solid writing. There have also been long gaps of neglect. It has been an overall enjoyable journey.

Poetry - My attempts to improve my nonfiction writing has led me to writing poetry. Poetry concerns itself with writing using less words, writing in a way that those words flow, and focuses on word choice. All of these tasks are important to all writing, including nonfiction. As I have immersed myself into poetry I am finding that I am really enjoying reading and writing poems. There are so many wonderful poets, past and present that there is no limit to great work.

Photography - My website contains photographs that span decades, although the majority of images I have posted online come from more recent times. In addition to the photographs I have provided information on my camera equipment, both digital and large format film. I have also shared my photography workflows. plus a collection of miscellaneous photographic information and links. You can find it all under the above menu items: Photography and Photo Technique. As for my favorite photographers, Edward Weston, John Sexton, Ansel Adams top the list.

Most of the photography you will find on my website is outdoor photography, in particular, abstracts of flowing water are of special interest to me. Water abstracts are infinite, never twice being identical in two separate exposures. There is a presence that can be felt residing within the water. At times it is willing to reveal itself and become part of the captured image.

As 2019 advances, I hope to add some new photographs. Late Fall and Winter are my favorite times of the year to be in the woods. When there is a crispness in the air, I believe it transfers well into my photographs.

The Day Books of Rick Dixon: I have updated my blog and been actively making posts. The topics range from creative thoughts to poetry to general ramblings. Please check it out. There is something written there foreveryone!

Click on the WordPress icon to the right to quickly navigate to my blog:A link is also located in the above menu.


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Creative Thinking - Last year I added a new webpage. One of my resolutions was to think more creatively. I felt as though I have allowed some creative idleness to set in my mind and wised to rectify it. My self-assigned goal is to attempt to come up with a good idea every day. I believe the practice of doing so will be self-rewarding and beneficial in all areas; work, writing and photography. The habit of thinking creatively brings about more creative thinking. I quickly became stagnant on new ideas. By the end of the year I hope to rework the section to keep it alive, but realistic on its upkeep.

Please come on in and take a look around. I hope you enjoy your visit! Leave me a message via email with any questions or comments. I would appreciate that! Links to contact me are on this homepage and also found under Contact in the menu.

Thank you!


I typically do not photograph much in color. When I do, the colors captured
are very important in my mind to the photograph.

Water Lily
Longwood Gardens, PA

Big Poe Creek
Poe Valley State Park, PA

Dancer in Blue
Baltimore, MD

Nerve Plant
National Botanical Garden, DC

Imperial Dunes
Imperial Dunes, CA

74 Photographs of Water - Click on the image below to see a collection of my water photographs or select from the menu above:

74 Photographs of Water
74 Photographs of Water