Like a Snap of a Finger

The first quarter of 2020 has been flying by rapidly! I studied and passed a very challenging professional certification called PMP – Project Management Professional. Right out of the gate of that success I studied and passed another professional certification called ITIL4. It was much easier, yet still took some effort. Now I embark on the third and most likely certification, Certified Scrum Master. Besides having a cool name associated with it, it leads me down a path into Agile project management.

While this is all wonderful, it has come at a cost. I have read no books for pure enjoyment as of yet this year. That is a monumental lapse in reading for me. Also, I have not written any poetry or other form of creative writing. I must admit, at the close of last year I was writing a lot of short hymn poems, following Emily Dickinson’s great examples. And if these two absences of creative processes were not enough, my camera sits idle in its bag, alone and neglected.

Don’t get me wrong. I am pleased with my certification chasing this year. I just don’t want to lose all momentum for creative endeavors. Before I know it, the second quarter of 2020 wll be gone like another snap of the figers.

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2020 Foresight

Welcome to 2020! I do not wish to complain for I am truly thankful for all that the year 2019 had to offer. Looking back at a quick glance, I did not accomplish as much as I had hoped for the year. I did make some nice improvements. I read more last year than I have read for most of my life, somewhere around 128 books. I made some nice improvements on my website. I attended a number of classes and workshops on poetry writing. I even penned a few good poems throughout the year. Photographically, I was in a dry spell. No major accomplishments there. I ignored working on my nonfiction book for most of the year. Again, while thankful for all I did have, I fell short of creating an amazing year.

I am walking into 2020 in a most positive mood. While not New Year resolutions, I have chosen to structure my daily life in an attempt to accomplish more. Borrowing the term from a YouTube presentation, I am scheduling focus hours. A focus hour is 45 minutes of dedicated focus on a task you want to accomplish in 40 days. An hour-a-day of concentrated effort for 40 days has a high probability of returning the desired goal. Sounds simple, yet logical. I have chosen a few first quarter goals and will start given each the focus hours they deserve. I have faith in this process. I know that in 40 days I will posting on my success!

Whatever your goals are for the year – go out and earn them! Make them yours! Happy New Year!

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Pepsi Stock Plummets!

Last weekend I committed to my choice of ridding my life of soft drinks, bother sugar and artificially sweetened. I have known for years that I have been drinking an excessive amount of sodas, the name I prefer to call carbonated soft drinks. One would think that there was still cocaine in Coca Cola for the voluminous amounts I consumed, not that I have ever experienced cocaine.

It has been an easy week. Surprisingly, I have not longed for a soda. I have replaced them with iced tea, unsweetened. Figured that caffeine may still be desired. It is a wee bit of a challenge to break the habit of requesting a soda at a restaurant. Other than that – all ids good. Albeit, the soft drink industry may be feeling an unexpected loss of revenue.

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My Recent Attempts at Hymn Meter Poetry

I am an admirer of Emily Dickinson and her poetry. Many of her poems are written using Hymn Meter. I have found that I like using the same. I have a webpage on my website that holds a collection of 15 little poems.

Image of my 15 Hymn Meter Poems on my website.
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‘Tis the Season

Historically, after the election season comes to. its end, I manage to be able to focus on the task of updating my often neglected personal website. I don’t make a lot of changes, but do try and sneak in a few cool features. I have yet to scour the web to see what is new that would make for a great enhancement. Hopefully I will find some things. In addition, I hope to add some content, the real meat & potatoes of my website. I need to post more photography. I hope to continue on my poetry writing endeavors, and maybe 2020 will by me tar of writing some fiction and nonfiction. As for now, I start with this simple blog post to allow my mind to know it is time to get going!

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Been a Bit Blogged Down

The combination of a number of life events has had me neglecting my blog. As September commences I hope to return to a more diligent blogger. During my hiatus I did manage to read some great books, do some great thinking, write a little and saw a few out of the ordinary places.

I will start my blogging with this little notice. It’s good to be back!

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